Getting What You’ve Waited For

This is a tale about wanting something really, really badly and waiting a long time to get it.

I usually make a huge list of resolutions (“get 6-pack abs” is always on this list – ha!). I never accomplish them. Well, at the start of 2012 I made it a resolution to only buy stuff I love. Typically I buy stuff that is a good deal and at least so-so. Or is just a good deal. Last August I took an entire car load (no exaggeration) of clothes to Goodwill. It disgusted me. I needed to rein it in.


My first purchase of 2012 was a pair of Hunter rain boots, which I’d wanted for ever (over 3 years – a long time in my book), and which I had a gift card to subsidize. I loved them! Next was a pair of Via Spiga patent flats. I wear them at least twice a week and – wouldn’t you know it! – they are holding up great.

I don’t want to sound spoiled, like I just buy the stuff I really want (there’s no Ferrari in my driveway, so there’s that). It was more a shift towards “less stuff, but better stuff”. I don’t get everything I want, and I shouldn’t. It’s not about stuff.

Back to my change in buying: for example, I could have easily seen myself buying 3 pairs of OK rain boots that would have never been quite right because what I really wanted were the Hunter rain boots – not a substitute.

Fast forward to May. I have faltered many a time on my “only stuff I love!” mandate, but I am getting better. We took our annual Hawaii retreat (it was perfect. Literally. Perfect). We came back and shelled out a massive amount of money for a new roof. I feel blessed I am able to do that at all. I feel blessed I have a roof in the first place. That took up the majority of the money we had available for expenditures.

I have desperately wanted a puppy for so long. That’s no secret. Well, the roof was our final obstacle. I was feeling desperate, I wanted that dog so badly, but I didn’t exactly feel like shelling out four figures for a dog after dropping so much cash on the roof. I was prepared to settle for an OK dog. I asked my hubby if maybe we should get a rescue dog? They are so much cheaper, and equally sweet. How about an elderly pug? A scruffy terrier mix? I’ve always had mutts and/or rescue dogs and they’ve all been fantastic. But it’s not what I’d really wanted, and what we’d agreed upon. He graciously declined, insisting we wait for the French bulldog I’d been yammering about for, oh, years.

Roof was done on Tuesday. On Thursday, I see an ad pop up for two Frenchie puppies, available now. We wanted the smaller boy puppy. Miraculously, the person who had placed a deposit on him backed out – he was available. But the money! Now was not ideal! Chris said we should go for it, so I agreed to get him the next day – Friday – with cash in hand.

I hardly slept. Work on Friday dragged. The puppy was in Longview, and traffic was horrendous. But when I saw him? love. The family that was selling him was amazing. They have seven beautiful adopted children and they pay for their children’s private school with the puppies they breed. They puppies are loved and socialized around 7 children in their home. Easily, that couple was one of the happiest I have ever met, and I was so happy to give them my money. What a wonderful thing they are doing! Suddenly spending the money was a gift I’d been given – an opportunity to help this awesome family in a tiny way.


I digress. The dog. I scooped that tiny bundle up and we drove home. Chris lovingly drove there (4 hrs. – see above re: traffic) AND back (2hrs) despite having to work the next day at 3am. We named our new furry baby Meatball. He chewed on my ring and licked my face the whole way back. It was love. It was so, so wonderful to wait and work for something for a very long time, and then get it. Today we took him to Magnuson park for him to gallop around and chase ducks on his tiny legs. He snoozed in my lap the whole drive back. I cried from happiness.

I dreamed of marrying a wonderful guy, buying a house we worked on together, and having a cute puppy we loved for many, many years. It happened. Lives do not typically go according to silly adolescent daydreams. My fairytale! It came true!

Would we have been happy with a rescue dog? Sure. Would we have been happy with no dog? We already were. But to get something long-awaited like that? I can’t describe that feeling. God straight up poured blessings on us that I never, ever deserved. It’s just a silly dog, but to me it is a most loving gift from Him. He cared enough about the dog I wanted to work this out. We could have spent that money on any number of things, but I believe He orchestrated this whole damn thing so that family could bless us, and we could bless them. Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Neither, my friends, it is overflowing.



About Anna

I'm Anna. I live in Seattle with my awesome husband, and I like writing about my favorite stuff here.
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One Response to Getting What You’ve Waited For

  1. thistlecovefarm says:

    Congratulations on the puppy, wise woman Anna. To be able to know what happiness is, to wait for happiness, to share happiness is a blessing and a gift from God. The only thing you should never, NEVER, wait on is time with your husband. Always be available to and for him, always drop everything/anything to be with him, always build and nourish those memories to wear against the cold of not having him.

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